The Diversity Revolution as Envisioned ,by Stanton DeFreitas

Being a great businessman isn’t even the main goal of Stanton DeFreitas, who grew up in one of the most diverse cities in Canada and the world. He firmly believes his childhood experience made him a better person. Being exposed to a wide variety of traditions and cultures, and embracing them for him to his way of thinking, which has made him an excellent businessman. Of course, He wants to share the knowledge he has gained with the world and make it work better for everyone, which he made the decision to become a writer.

Because Stanton DeFreitas has been able to experience and witness a wide variety of cultures, he understands that everyone, wherever they come from, is a citizen of the world and not just the country they call home. He just wishes more people realized that. However, while they haven’t so far, he firmly believes that everyone should make an effort to broaden their horizons in every way; spiritually, academically and culturally. After all, another culture may have a solutions to our culture’s problems, but we’ll never know that if we stay within ourselves with a closed mind.


Stanton DeFreitas on a Multicultural Future

Ever since Stanton DeFreitas was a boy, being raised in the highly diverse Scarborough section of Toronto he recognized the benefits of being able to witness and even participate in a wide variety of cultures, His view is that everyone is a citizen of the world, regardless of where they come from and he would like everyone to make an effort to broaden their horizons spiritually, academically and culturally. Stanton now wants to become a writer, and inform people on the important issues of the day when it comes to current events, travel, sports and even personal health and wellness.

Stanton DeFreitas sincerely believe his exposure to many different ways of thinking has been the key to his success as a business consultant and he would really like to share the knowledge he has gained with the entire world, to make it all work better for everyone. There isn’t a single human being who isn’t positively affected by cultural diversity and he is convinced that the clash that often happens is in no way inevitable, and Stanton DeFreitas would like to teach people a better way.

Stanton Defreitas – Betterment of the Body is Betterment of the Soul

When a person is healthy with their bodies, this can help them to feel healthier from a mental and spiritual sense as well. There are many modern medical doctors that have started to insist on practicing holistic medicine. Holistic in the idea that you treat the body as whole not as each individual part. For instance, if you had a stomach ache, instead of just treating the stomach, that doctor would look to see what may be at the root of the stomach ache outside of the stomach area.

Stanton Defreitas is all about holistic medicine. He believes that a healthy body increases the chances of having a healthy mind too. He is passionate about health and has deep belief that happiness is correlated to the health of a person. While for a profession Stanton Defreitas is an international businessman, he is also a man of many other interests. One such interest is that of wellness and health. Being able to look at a person not just from a financial perspective but from a holistic human perspective has helped Stanton Defreitas to stand apart from his competitors both nationally and internationally in his work.

He approaches every client as being a citizen of the world and takes pride in being able to bring different cultures and communities together through the work that he does. Being of Caribbean descent and Canadian upbringing, he got to see first hand how beautiful it can be when cultures come together and strives to do this everyday.

Writer Stanton DeFreitas, World Citizen

Stanton DeFreitas is convinced that it is necessary to reach out to and embrace other cultures, or at least interact with them more often. This level of insight started to gather during his childhood, when he was exposed to a wide variety of traditions and cultures as he was growing up in the Scarborough section of Toronto, one of the most diverse neighborhoods in one of the most diverse cities in the world. Even way back then, Stanton DeFreitas realized the benefit to being surrounded by cultural diversity.

As a Canadian with Caribbean roots, Stanton DeFreitas was able to experience and witness a wide variety of cultures. Among other benefits, that exposure made his career as an international business consultant far better than it would have been otherwise. This also among the many reasons Stanton DeFreitas wants to become a writer. All his reasons are good ones. He wants to communicate his vision to people on many of the issues that seem to be most important to society, which is why he loves to about international current events, as well as travel and sports on an international level. He also writes about personal health and wellness because he believes that is a key to building a strong international culture.

Stanton DeFreitas wants people to know that, as humans, we all work better together, among the different cultures of the world, than we do working at an insular level, in a bubble of our own making. It is not possible to find a human being who isn’t affected by cultural diversity and the inevitable clash that often happens, and Stanton DeFreitas believes that everyone should make an effort to broaden their horizons in every way; spiritually, academically and culturally, in order to lessen the conflict.

Stanton Defreitas – Author of Everyday Life Topics

While as a profession, Stanton Defreitas is an international business consultant, he is also an author that enjoys discussing topics that affect everyday life. His primary focus and knowledge base comes from world events and more than just the facts, but the developments that can impact how we live based on these events. Stanton Defreitas also loves to travel internationally. This bodes well as his business is international in nature. Accumulating rich experiences is more important to him than increasing his wealth and he brings this balance to his clients. In addition to these two topics, he is also inspired by international sports. All things international tend to be Stanton Defrietas’ focus and passion.

Stanton DeFreitas’ Upbringing & Diversity

Stanton DeFreitas has always considered himself a citizen of the world and firmly believes that your birthplace is just the starting line to a race that must be run intentionally. It should in no way confine or restrict you. Stanton DeFreitas is always looking to expand his horizons, from a spiritual, academic, cultural, and professional viewpoint.

Stanton DeFreitas is an international business consultant who was born and raised in Canada. Specifically, in the east end of Toronto, called Scarborough. This was an extremely diverse neighborhood and one which embraced people of all walks of life and all backgrounds. At that early age, Stanton DeFreitas embraced the diversity and has allowed that lesson to permeate every aspect of his life.

The Canadian Caribbean: Stanton DeFreitas

Stanton DeFreitas is an international business consultant based out of Canada who works with clients all over the globe. He is able to help clients out, regardless of what their ethnicity, religious, or location is. This is because he applies universal business principles to his clients’ problems, but also because he has a deep appreciation for other cultures and their many trappings.

How did he come to think and operate this way? Stanton DeFreitas is a Canadian and proud to say so. However, he also has deep Caribbean roots that he is pleased to be able to celebrate whenever possible. In fact, Stanton DeFreitas most definitely benefited from being raised in a diverse neighborhood in Toronto’s east end called Scarborough.

The neighborhood Stanton DeFreitas was raised in gave him a good understanding from an early age of how cultures differed and how those differences interacted with one another in his neighborhood and on a larger scale. It was from this based of experience that Stanton DeFreitas formed his philosophical worldview, which holds that every person should work today viewing themselves as a citizen of the world. That means that you can celebrate your birthplace and culture, but it should in no way limit or constrain you. Stanton DeFreitas is looking for ways to write about these subjects to an audience and would be interested to hear about any opportunities like this.